The Comparative Ops Statement page provides you with a comprehensive summary of financial information during specified time periods. The Comparative Ops Statement allows for the comparison of several date ranges, and it allows actual information to be compared to the budgets you set up in Company ConfigàBudgets. Sales, Cost of Sales, Gross Margin, Payroll, Controllables, and Ancillary Information are all included on the Comparative Ops Statement. 

The information gathered on this statement is based on the manner in which sales, comps, paid ins/outs, and promos are mapped to the GL Sales module. 

Basic Usage

  • Location Group - Select a location or location group. “All Company” will be selected by default
  • Budget Behavior - Select whether to display standard budget information or declining budget information
  • Standard - If you select the “Standard” budget behavior, the budgeted information set up in Company Config? Budgets will be used for date ranges with “Budget” selected in the ‘Compare to’ field
  • Declining - The Declining option will cause budget amounts to be ramped down based on the ratio of actual-to-budgeted sales. This is known as the decline percent and is calculated by dividing Total Sales by Budgeted Sales. Controllables and Payroll are the only items affected on a “Declining” budget. EXAMPLE: Total Sales equals $1500 and budgeted sales equals $2000. 1500/2000 = 0.75. If you have $100 budgeted for Supplies, then $75 is the declined budget figure because $100 * 75% = $75
  • Show - Select SHOW to view the chart. If you make any changes, you must select SHOW in order to refresh the results
  • Export - Select EXPORT to view the data in Excel
  • Advanced Usage Creating a Date Range - At least one date range must be specified in order to create the Comparative Ops Statement. To create a date range, simply type the “from” date in the first (left) date field and the “to” date in the second (right) date field. You can also set a date using the date selector. Simply select the small calendar icon next to a date field and select a date on the calendar. Each date range serves as a column heading in the table
  • Adding an Additional Date Range - To add an additional date range, select the green plus icon to the right of the last date range box. You can create a table that contains up to 10 date ranges
  • Deleting a Date Range - To delete a date range, select the red x icon on the left side of the date range box. Compare to: To display comparisons, select an item in the ‘Compare to’ field. You may compare the date range to other date ranges or to your budget. “Nothing” is selected by default
  • Presets - Selecting the floppy disk icon in the upper right corner of the Comparative Ops Statement screen will allow you to create, delete, or load a preset. Presets are beneficial because they allow you to quickly load frequently used tables without having to set them up each time 
  • Creating a Preset - To create a preset, first create the Comparative Ops statement by adding date ranges and selecting the method of comparison. Next, select the floppy disk icon and navigate to the text box labeled ‘New Preset Name’. Enter the name of the new preset and select SAVE PRESET
  • Load a Preset - To load a preset, select LOAD next to the desired preset
  • Deleting a Preset - To delete a preset, select DELETE next to the desired preset
  • Setting a Default Preset - To set a default preset, select SET next to the desired preset. Setting a default preset will cause the page to automatically load the selected options when you initially navigate to the Comparative Ops page. Note that this is a company-wide setting


You can select an underlined item on the Comparative Ops Statement to drill down to the General Ledger Report. The report will display GL information for the selected item during the specified date range. Note that this functionality is based on the Line Item settings on the Setup Ops Statement page in the Company Configuration module. 

If the Line Item is set to "Show GL Codes Broken out", then you will have the ability to drill down to the General Ledger Report. If the Line Item is set to "Show Sum of GL Codes", then you will not have the ability to drill down to the General Ledger Report.