The Check Explorer chart provides a comprehensive list of information directly related to guest checks. It gives you the ability to view a variety of information about every guest check that was issued during a specified time period at a selected location. It also allows you to reprint a check. 

Chart Usage 

This is a good tool to use if you need to reproduce specific guest checks. 

Chart Features:

  • Filter by location
  • Filter by date - This report can be run for any specified length of time. 
  • Filter by checks with specific entries:
    • Comps - If you select “Comps”, you will be able to select whether to show “All”, “With Cash”, or “100% Comped” 
    • Promos - If you select “Promos”, you will be able to select whether to show “All”, “With Cash”, or “100% Promo” 
    • Voids - If you select “Voids”, you will be able to select whether show “All”, “With Cash”, or “100% Voided” 
    • Refunds - If you select “Refunds (by type)”, ” Refunds (by Tender)”, “Guests”, “Tenders”, “Surcharges”, “Mode Charges”, or “Non Sales Revenue”, you will have the option to select a specific type from an additional drop-down list
  • Filter by amounts that are less than or equal to, equal to, or greater than or equal to a specified amount

This chart can be viewed in RADAR by selecting SHOW or exported to Microsoft Excel by selecting EXPORT. Tips By default, the chart is sorted in descending order by “Tender $”. You can re-sort the data table by clicking on any of the column headers. Click once to sort in ascending order. Click again to sort in desending order. 

Selecting an underlined check number in the chart will allow you to view and reprint the selected check. Sometimes a check will appear twice on the Check Explorer chart. This will occur if there is a refund amount associated with the check. In order for the 'Menu Item' or 'Item Group' filters to work properly, the item(s) in question must be associated with the employee who closed the check. In the case of the items being transferred to another employee, these filters will not work.