This page allows you to do a search for any number of entries that have been made in the Manger Log. The user can search for Tasks, Task Data (specific tasks results), Messages, Log Entries, and All of the above.

If the user selects a Log Type of 'Tasks' or Tasks Data', the 'Filter for' box will have all the different Tasks available. If the user selects a Log Type of 'Messages', the 'Filter For' box will have Message, Reminder, and Alert as options. If the user selects a Log Type of 'Log Entries', the 'Filter box' will contain all the different types of Log Entries. If the user selects 'All', the 'Filter for' box will disappear as there is no need for it.

The date fields will help narrow a search done to a desired period of time. The Location box will allow the user to set a specific location or to choose 'All' for all locations within the company.

The 'Key Words' field allows the user to enter text for a more specific search. Whatever the user may enter in this field, the search will look for results that actually contain the Key words that were entered.

Basic Usage

To do a search, enter the filters that you wish to select, and hit the 'Search' button. The results are color coded to help the user find what he/she may be looking for. Any task/task data will be highlighted in green. Any messages will be highlighted in red. Any log entry's will be highlighted in orange.

To return to the previous page and exit the search page, just click on the 'Cancel' button.