The Manager Log Event Types page allows you to define your own specific event types. You may also set any default text that will appear with a specific event type. Manager Log Events work in conjunction with both the Labor Scheduling module as well as the Catering module. The Manger Log Event Types page can be accessed by selecting CONFIGURE ON on the main Manager Log page and then selecting CONFIG TYPES in the “Events” section. 

Basic Usage

To add a new event type, select NEW EVENT TYPE at the top left corner of the Manger Log Event Types screen. To complete the creation of the new task you must identify the following: 

  • Name - Enter a name for your new event type
  • Sort Order - Enter the sort order of the new event type. The sort order is the order in which in which event types will display in the ‘Event Type’ drop-down list when you create a new Event on the Manager Log main page
  • Default Text - You may enter any default text here. This text will automatically appear in the ‘Description’ window when you create an event with this event type on the Manager Log main page


  • Edit - To edit an existing Event type, select the pencil icon next to an event type in the table and make any necessary edits
  • Delete - To delete an Event type, select the red X icon next to an event type in the table