The OML(Online Manager Log) Detail Calendar page is where a user can readily view a calendar that gives details of which days in the OML contains a Message, a Task, and/or a Log Entry. 

Each Message, Task, or Log Entry is represented by a different icon that is represented at both the top and bottom of the page. If a specific day has a Message, Task, Or Log Entry that was entered into the ONL, then that particular icon will appear on that day. An example of this is if Manager101 enters a Task to count the amount of Merlot Wine Bottles on hand from 1/5/2009 to 1/11/2009, then each day on the calendar of 1/5/2009 to 1/11/2009, the Task icon will appear. 


To go to a specific date, just click the desired calendar date and it will take you directly to the OML for the date that you have clicked. You may view the page based on any location within your user permission.