Checklists are collections of task-like item entries contained in collapsible group menus. These groups are designed to act as a kind of recurring ‘to-do’ list that can be filled in throughout the day, after closing, or by utilizing Ctuit’s On The Fly mobile app. 

Unlike Tasks, Checklist Groups and their associated Items can be deactivated and reactivated at any point. For example, you might have a recurring ‘Closing’ Checklist Group, with items like ‘Check fridge temp’, ‘Activate alarm’, etc. This can be set to recur daily at every location. You could also have a ‘Pre-Party Check’ group with items like ‘Update the Marquee’ and ‘Arrange necessary seating’. This group can remain dormant until an appropriate party is scheduled at a location, at which point it can be activated. 

Basic Use 

  • Location - Choose the location for which you would like to view checklists
  • DOB - Choose the date of business for which you would like to view checklists. You can enter dates manually, or select the calendar icon. You can also make use of the up and down arrows to navigate forward/backward one day. You can navigate through pages of groups by using the arrow icons at the bottom of the page
  • Show - Select SHOW to display your results
  • Checklist - Select the large Checklist drop-down to display all of the active checklist groups for your chosen location and DOB

Checklist Drop-Down 

The Checklist drop-down displays all of your active checklist groups. Select a group to see/hide its assigned items, then check the associated box to mark that item as complete. The page will alert you when the change is made successfully. For more information on creating and assigning checklist groups and items, see the Checklist pages under Setup. 

  • Numbers - Numbers on the drop-down correspond to the number of total and completed items with your group or groups. ‘(6/10)’ shows that 6 of 10 total items have been marked complete, for example. Numbers on the main Checklist header correspond to the number of completed groups for this location and DOB. Here, ‘(9/12)’ shows that 9 of a total 12 groups have had all their items marked as complete, for example
  • Green Checkmarks - A green checkmark symbol next to a group title indicates that all items within that group have been checked as complete
  • Text Boxes - Text boxes allow you to enter text or numbers alongside the item. Enter your data, then click or tab out of the box
  • Numbers Only - Boxes labelled ‘Numbers only’ restrict any entered data to numerical figures. This includes negative numbers and decimal places.