The Checklist Groups page is used to create, edit, and export Checklist Groups. Checklist Groups act as ‘containers’ for Checklist Items. To assign items to groups and groups to locations, see Checklist Setup. 

Basic Use

  • Show - Use the show drop-down to display either Active, Deactivated, or All Checklist Groups. You can navigate through pages of groups by using the arrow icons at the bottom of the page
  • New Checklist Group - To create a new group, select NEW CHECKLIST GROUP, enter your desired group name, and choose SAVE. Your chosen name must be unique. Also note that newly created groups will automatically be made active, in spite of what is selected under ‘Show’. 
  • Edit - To edit a group’s name, select the pencil icon. Be sure to select SAVE after your changes have been made
  • Advanced Use Deactivate/Reactivating a Group - To deactivate a group, select the red x icon next to your group of choice, then choose DEACTIVATE. To reactivate a group, have ‘Deactivated’ or ‘All’ selected under ‘Show’, then select the green arrow icon
  • Export - To export an Excel table of the visible groups, select EXPORT. Your browser will prompt you to download and save the file.