The Checklist Setups page is used to assign groups to locations, and items to groups. Location: Select which location’s groups and items you would like to view/edit. Note: Unlike many other RADAR pages, selecting ‘All Locations’ here will not show data from across all company sites. 

Instead, groups/items that are created while this option is active will be made universally available. By editing a global group while on a single location’s setup, a group can be made to contain both global and location-specific items. 



Select which groups and items to show. You can choose between active, deactivated, or all. The page will update automatically. The number of items of your shown type is shown in parentheses next to each group. 

Adding a New Group

To add a new group to your currently selected location(s), select ADD NEW GROUP. This will only be available if you are showing either ‘Active’ or ‘All’. Once selected, you will be given the option to enter a name for your new group, which must be unique across all locations. Note: Access to this option is dependent on your Primary Location Group and user permissions. 

Adding an Existing Group

You can add a pre-existing group by selecting ADD EXISTING GROUP. The drop-down that appears will allow you to choose from both active and deactivated groups across all locations. The primary purpose of this is to allow for the quick copying of one location’s group ‘container’ to another location. 

Adding Items 

To add an item, first select the group that you would like the item to be assigned to. You will then be able to add new or previously existing items by selecting either ADD NEW ITEM, or ADD EXISTING ITEM.

Deactivating a Group/Item

To deactivate a group or item, hover the mouse over it, then select the red x icon when it appears. You can only deactivate global groups when ‘All Locations’ is selected.

Reactivating a Group/Item

To reactivate a group or item, hover the mouse over it, then select the green arrow icon when it appears. A reactivated group will contain all of its previously associated items. You can only reactivate global items when ‘All Locations’ is selected.