The Manager Log Employee Dates Field page allows you to use custom fields from the EDM (Employee Data Module) in conjunction with the Manager Log. Examples of EDM fields that you might want to work in conjunction with the Manager Log include birthdays, recurring meetings, and employee reviews. 

You can also create default display text to display for certain EDM events, and you can choose to display events on the Manager Log for a specified number of days prior to the actual event date. Note that date fields from the EDM will be displayed annually on the Manager Log. 

Employee Date Fields

Users must first create a “Date” type custom field in the EDM. Contact your Site Administrator to set this up. Once the “Date” type custom field has been created, it will appear on the Manager Log Employee Date Fields page. To link the EDM custom field to an event, click the yellow pencil icon next to the EDM custom field line. To complete the linking you must choose the following: 

  • Show on Manager Log - You must select this option for the EDM field to display as an event on the Manager Log
  • Requires Action- Selecting this this option will cause the following text to display in the event description field prior to and the day of the event: “Requires Action-Not Complete”. After the event due date, the description box will display: “Requires Action-Past Date”. To have the “Requires Action-Past Date” reminders removed from your Manager Log, select the pencil next to the Manager Log event. Simply type anything into the ‘Description’ field and the reminder will stop appearing for this event on future Manager Log dates
    • Note: You MUST have ‘Requires Action’ set to "Yes" in order for an event to remain on the Manager Log until the set expiration. If you do not have ‘Requires Action set to "Yes", the event will be dropped from the Manager Log one day after the event’s scheduled date regardless of your "Expiration in Days" setting. 
  • Display Text - Enter any additional text you wish to automatically appear in the event description field
  • Days Prior to Show - You can set the number of days prior to the event date that the EDM event will appear in the Manager Log
  • Expiration in Days - This sets the number of days after the event that the event will stop appearing on the Manager Log. For example, if you set this to 3, the event will still display on the Manager Log for up to three days after the actual event date if no action is taken