The Change User Password page allows you to quickly and easily change your password. The newly-created password must meet the New Password Strength criteria displayed to the right of the 'New Password' field. The New Password Strength setting can be configured on the Company Preferences page in the Company Configuration module. Contact your System Administrator if you would like to adjust this setting.

Changing Your Password

To change your password, enter the following information into the 'Change User Password' window:

  • Old Password - Enter your current password
  • New Password - Enter a new password 
    • Note: There is a 12 character limit on passwords
  • New Password Strength - The New Password Strength criteria is displayed in parentheses to the right of the 'New Password' field. As you enter a New Password, the flag will change colors to reflect the strength of the password, which include:
    • Green - The password is strong
    • Yellow - The password is somewhat strong
    • Red - The password is weak
  • Re-type New Password - Re-enter the new password into this field. The passwords entered in the 'New Password' field and the 'Re-type New Password' field must be an exact match
  • Update - Click this to save your new password
  • Back - Click this to navigate back to the User Options page