The Manual Data Entry Settings page allows you to configure MDE module settings. Only Users with the proper permissions have access to the Manual Data Entry Settings page. The following settings can be configured by selecting EDIT at the top left corner of the Manual Data Entry Settings page.


  • Can Users enter data for the current day?: This setting controls whether or not Users can enter values on the Manual Data Entry page. This setting does NOT affect whether or not Users can enter data on the Deposit Entry page or the Safe Counts page.
  • Number of times you count your safe: This setting controls the maximum number of times a User can count the safe (via the Safe Counts page) per day.
  • MDE Lockout Period Type (Past)/(Future): These settings lock Users into only being able to post or enter MDE data during the following time ranges:
    • None
    • Week
    • Period
    • Quarter
    • Pay Period
  • Grace Period from the Lockout Period (Past)/(Future): These settings work in conjunction with the MDE Lockout Period Type setting. They allow additional days to be added to the lockout period.
  • Autopost GL Sales on MDE Save?: This setting works in tandem with posting function in the GL Sales module. If this setting is enabled, when a User selects SAVE on the Manual Data Entry page, the corresponding Location's data will be saved and the GL Sales journal will be automatically posted.
    • Note: This setting will not be displayed if your company is not utilizing the GL Sales module.