The Deposit Entry page displays deposit information and allows you to enter and edit location-specific deposit information. A deposit is generally thought of as the 'cash to the bank' figure. If your POS supports deposit entry, figures should be populated here nightly with the import. If your POS does not support deposit entry, you can enter/edit the deposit figures via this page.

  • Note: Since RADAR imports deposit information nightly for the previous seven days, you should make any changes to deposit information at the location level after this time frame. Otherwise, you will lose your work when the next import goes through.

Basic Usage

  • Week: Select the week for which to view, edit, or enter deposit information.
  • Entering/Editing Deposit Information: Enter deposit values into the Manual Deposit Entry table.
    • Note: Only Users with the 'Can enter negative deposits' permission will be able to enter negative values.
  • Save: Select SAVE to save the deposit information on the Manual Deposit Entry.
    • Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for the information to be saved and viewable on many of the reports and pages throughout RADAR.
  • Related Links: Selecting 'POS Captured Deposits Report' or 'Bank Reconciliation Report' will automatically navigate you to the corresponding report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I made some changes, but the grid does not reflect those changes. Did it not go through?

A: As noted, the changes are not processed immediately on this page; instead, they are queued up for later execution. It is likely that your command has not been picked up off the queue yet.

Q: I made some changes, but the values reset the next day. Do I need to reenter them?

A: The most likely reason for this is that the deposit information is updated each night for the previous seven days. If you attempt to make revisions within this time frame, you will lose your work when the next import goes through and resets to the POS values for the previous seven days. Either make the change at the POS level (recommended), or wait for the seven-day time frame to elapse before using this page.

Q: Can entries be edited for any day?

A: Only entries made within the past nine days, including the current day, can be edited. No future dates can be edited.