The Main Data Entry (MDE) page displays a list of links to all MDE pages to which you have access. Brief page descriptions will be displayed to the right of each link. Select any of the links tonavigate to the corresponding page.

  • Note: MDE-related reports are not displayed as a link on this page, but direct access to these reports is available in the blue bar at the top of the screen.

Configure Manual Data Entry

In order to configure MDE metrics, please reach out to Support for 

Manual Data Entry

The Manual Data Entry page allows a User to manually enter data for custom metrics so that the data can be populated throughout RADAR. For a complete list of reports, exports, charts, and widgets that do and do not capture MDE data, see the Manual Data Entry PDF help file.

  • Note: The data will also populate to the Key Info page as well as the GL Sales Journal page, if applicable.

Basic Usage

  • Location: Select the Location for which you would like to add data.
  • Week: Select a week. The current week will be selected by default.
  • Enter the values into the table. The table is made up of metrics, displayed as rows, and days of the week, displayed as columns.
  • Save: Select SAVE to save your information. It may take up to 15 minutes for changes to appear on reports and charts.
  • Clear Cells: Select CLEAR CELLS to simultaneously clear the information in all cells.